Certificate revocation  

Revocation of the certificate will ensure that the certificate expires before it has been declared on the certificate. The reason for premature expiry of the certificate may be, for example, theft of a PC with data for creating an electronic signature.

Here you can request for revocation of a commercial or qualified certificate issued by our company online. Please note, however, that your certificate cannot be renewed after your certificate has been revoked.

If you are unable to request a certificate revocation online, the additional procedures specified below are available.

Other possibilities of revocation of I.CA certificate

- by electronic means at e-mail address: revoke@ica.cz - the message must be electronically signed,
- personally submitting a written application to the Registration Authority of I.CA,
- by registered mail to the address of the První certifikační autorita, a.s..

For more information about revocation of I.CA certificates, see Certification Policy, chapter 4.9.